As soon as we met the dynamic duo behind BuildingWise—Barry and Susan Giles—we knew we were going to love working with them. They are passionate about what they do (our favorite type of client) and complete rock stars in the world of LEED. And for good reason: BuildingWise has an unwavering commitment to making existing buildings as efficient as possible.

Like many businesses we get the pleasure of working with, they were doing great things, but not telling their own story very well. So they hired us first to do their branding. We dug deep and figured out the best way for them to talk to their prime audience. Then a few months later, they came back to Story House to update their website. We called in a few of our favorite partners-in-crime—Arin Fishkin and Diana Thompson—and took on the project as a whole: project management, content strategy, copywriting, design and development. Just a few months later, their new site launched just in time for GreenBuild, the industry's biggest conference. We couldn't be happier to have BuildingWise as a client and we can't wait to work with Barry and Susan again. (Oh, and big thanks to Rob Duncan of Mucho for introducing us!)

Visit the BuildingWise site.