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Holy Guacamole! A look at J. Crew's Superlative Piece of Email Marketing

So last week, I got an email from J. Crew. Actually, last week I got about 17 emails from J. Crew, but I received one that caught my eye. Here's what I saw when I clicked on it in my Mail app on my laptop:

Now those other 16 emails from J. Crew last week? Didn't even bother scrolling down. I have a closet full of perfectly great clothes. I don't need anything from J. Crew right now. I don't even want anything from J. Crew right now. Also? I am trying to be the kind of person who lets enticing offers float by and doesn't get hooked. But then I got the Holy Guacamole email.

I'll cut to the chase: It worked. I scrolled down to the CTA (call to action) button. I clicked. And I spent the next half hour virtually browsing their big sale rack and bought 3 things I did not need and did not even know I wanted. 

All because of this email.

I know not many of us have a J. Crew type of business, but I do think there's a lot we can learn about effective email marketing from my experience. So I thought I'd do a quick breakdown of why the Holy Guacamole email worked, when the 16 others they sent last week did not. What could you apply from this email to your next campaign? Color? Simplicity? Compelling offer? Let me know in the comments!