Why giving your brand space is a good thing


I went out with a friend last night to hear Jeffrey Foucault, an über-talented singer and songwriter who looks like he just walked out of a Cormac McCarthy novel. We were there because of my friend Chris Dombrowski, a poet I met while studying fiction in Montana. He and Jeffrey had been introduced a while back and become fast friends, bonding over their mutual passion for a perfectly tied fly and the sun flash on brown trout's tail.

While waiting for Jeffrey to go on, my friend and I talked about Chris and his wife Mary, and how whenever we're around them (which is a far-too-rare occurrence these days), we feel a delicious spaciousness. When you sit down at their kitchen table in Missoula, they are there. Like, really there. Present. 

This made me think a lot today about how a lack of spaciousness can just suck the soul out of people—and brands. We're so jacked up on launches and likes and lists that it's really, really hard to just be.

I'm not trying to go all Buddhist on you or anything, but I do want to make a pitch for turning down the noise.

Give your business and brand room to breathe. Give your brand time to get its shine back (it's there, trust me).

See who comes to your table. Have a cup of coffee with them. Enjoy the company.