The elegance of doing one thing well

Throughout my career, I've been a generalist. Want a direct mail piece that will get customers in your new grocery store? Would love to. Need an article on the state budget cuts to health care providers in California? On it. Need to get out a press release on the launch of a new line of window shades? No problem. I love being a generalist: it's super exciting to immerse myself in a subject/product/company and learn as much as I can so I can write appealing content.

But I have to admit, I really admire people and companies who focus on doing one thing and doing it impeccably. These are the things I'm organically drawn to, and these are the things I most often spend my money on.

This comes to mind because I'm working with a company like that right now: Aidells Sausage. They're committed to doing things right—highest quality ingredients, small batches, taking care of their employees and their customers—and the result proves the smartness of their approach: Their sausage is astoundingly good. (And yes, I do spend my money on it at the grocery store).

I've been thinking a lot about how to bring that type of focus to what we do here at Story House, and I believe it comes down to mindfulness:

Whatever project you're working on, do it as though it's all you're working on, even if, in 30 minutes, life demands that you'll be working on something utterly different.

What do you think?