How we want life to be vs. How it is: A lesson for marketers

Had to repost this from the always-provocative and always-"you know, she's actually right if I'll admit it" Penelope Trunk. It's actually from a guest post by someone new to me, Fabian Kruse.. He says that most of us want our lives to look something like this:


But because we try so hard to please everyone all the time, we end up with a life that looks more like this:  


I'd say marketing—and more specifically copy and content—seem to follow the same grim fate (though perhaps, sad to say, I'd beef up the "bullshit" category and tone scale back the "interestingness" one): The more you try to be everything to everybody, the more blah it all becomes. Want to see what happens when you don't try to kiss ass so much? Look here and here and at anything these people do.

What could you do to make your content more "interesting" and less "bullshit"?