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You want a website that engages and inspires. 
A video that tugs at the heart.
An unforgettable tagline.
Packaging that stands out on a crowded shelf.
A social media campaign that people can't help but share.

But when you're so close to your own business, it can be hard to notice all the amazing things about it that someone with fresh eyes and ears can. We get it, and that's why we're here. 

Whatever your project, we’ll dig deep and tell your story in an authentic and meaningful way so your customers fall in love with you and your brand.

We're curious and engaged. Honest and friendly.

We ask a lot of questions. Listen closely. And then put everything through our patented "magic branding machine" to make sure the content and strategy we deliver back to you is what your customers want—and need.

And though we’re creatives, we know how to do business: We respond quickly. We’re eager to hear your feedback. We’ll get your project done when we say we will. We’re also masters at project management, which means we’ll make this whole process as easy and fun for you as humanly possible.

We love working with brands that want to make a difference—big or small—in the world. If we sound like your kind of people, we’d love to hear from you.


A writer at heart and a brand strategist by design, Laura started StoryHouse after working for years as a reporter and editor. She now uses her journalistic skills to tease out compelling stories for an eclectic mix of amazing clients. Her favorite thing? Taking blah-blah-blah corporate-ese and turning it into content that’s clear, fresh and irresistible. She's crazily efficient, calm under pressure, and genuinely loves helping her clients make a true connection with their customers.

She got her MFA in fiction at University of Montana and has written one novel that’s tucked away on an old hard drive somewhere in her basement. She wishes still had her 1957 Ford F100 pickup, but fulfilled another vintage vehicle dream when she purchased a 1958 Shasta trailer. She has a crazily talented husband and a 10-year-old daughter who loves gyoza, Steph Curry and aikido.

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Rhetta is a brand strategist, thought partner and problem solver who's been called (lovingly) a "velvet hammer" for her gentle, yet direct, leadership style. An M.B.A. with almost two decades of marketing experience under her belt, she has particular expertise in brand creation, brand building and integrated marketing for CPG, technology and SaaS brands.

When she's not delighting clients, she's either practicing yoga or hitting the trails. She grew up on a cotton farm in South Carolina so the accent is for real



As a video producer and editor, Julie is a sure-handed storyteller, deftly uncovering the narrative spine in any project—fiction or documentary—and making it uniquely compelling. Her music background (she is a classical pianist) influences her work in two important ways: she has great instincts for rhythm and pacing, and she loves the surprising ways music can elevate a project’s mood and tone.

Though she has a strong creative voice, she’s easy to work with and has years of experience working both independently and as part of a team.